Action Step Submission

, please use the form below to submit your Action Steps for my personal review and feedback included as part of your Eze Content coaching program.

There's no 'pass' or 'fail' involved - just honest, helpful, constructive and above all personalised feedback based on what you submit and my experience in the world of content creation and beyond.

While it's not a requirement to submit the action step activities set, I DO recommend you have a go and submit them.

Please note I can only give feedback on completed action step activities - I won't do them for you.

Each action step activity set has been carefully designed to work alongside the lessons delivered so that you can practise your new knowledge for real.

There are also 'model' examples provided with each activity. These are there to remove those 'where do I start' mental roadblocks and mean you can focus on completing each one with content that is directly relevant to you and your own business.

And remember - Practising your new skills by doing these activities will make your real versions that much easier in the future.

The Action Step activities you submit will be stored securely in a dedicated Dropbox account I've set up just for these files. You can upload all the most popular file types for documents, images and video using the submission form below.

The short video below will walk you through how to submit your Action Step activities.

I look forward to seeing your work and providing you with my personal feedback and constructive comments.

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Action Step Submission Form

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