Common Questions About Coaching

It's only natural for you to have questions about how my individual coaching works, the support you'll get and if buying coaching time is a good fit for you. So here's the answers to the most common questions. 

How is your individual coaching different to any of your courses?

There are two key differences between the individual coaching and the courses I offer. On the Courses I provide help and advice to everyone so the solutions will be public and there’s a limit to the time I can take on each question asked so as many students as possible get their questions answered.

With individual coaching you have direct and exclusive access to my time and expertise but most important of all – I can give you personal and confidential advice and ideas on the content marketing sticking points you are struggling with. There’s also dedicated time to go deeper and wider on the problems you’re having with any ideas tailored just for you and your business.

How do I know if you're the Coach for me?

Using personal guidance from a Coach works really well when you know, like and trust the Coach you are relying on to guide you and your business forward. So ideally you need to have seen how they work, how they speak and examples of solutions they’ve provided to others or within a product or course you’ve bought from them. Once you’re happy the Coach you’ve identified can help with your situation AND you look forward to working with them then that’s the time to invest your hard earned money in their help – and not before.

So please read my published content, study my courses and be comfortable I am the coach that can help you BEFORE you invest.

Will the coaching work for me even if I haven’t built my business or website yet?

My personal coaching and advice will help online content creators at all different levels of experience and business size.

So if you’re just starting out you can have the help you need to figure out what may seem like huge obstacles to your progress to creating the online business you've planned and dreamed of having. I’ve helped coach business owners who are yet to launch their first product and those who are yet to make their first dollar. I’ve also coached and worked with multi-billion dollar businesses to ensure their content tells the right story, so you’ll be in experienced hands whatever content marketing help you need.

Do you have any actual experience of the things you would help with in the coaching sessions?

Very short answer is YES going back nearly forty years. You can see the variety and range of my content creation experience which began in 1985 here. Over the years I’ve taught literally thousands of students using my ‘EZE’ approach with training and 1 to 1 advice based on three standard principles.
SIMPLE – the advice must be accessible to everyone and easy to understand – no ‘secret’ jargon
COMPLETE – the advice given must include everything someone needs to achieve the promised result – no missing pieces
PRACTICAL – students will get practical hands on experiences in their learning backed up by real life example case studies – no ‘text book’ theories only

How can I get the most out of an individual coaching session with you?

To get the most from any personal coaching session you need to have a clear idea of the help you need so that you can share your questions and problem areas with your Coach. They can then put together a personalised set of recommendations and advice to give you the best route forward. Otherwise you may well spend most of the first half hour trying to gather your thoughts and sharing a jumble of issues which will be hard to help with.

If you struggle to get started then think of your answer to this single question first - Which issue is your most important to solve now? would be a good starting point.

Do I need a Camera or Webcam?

Ideally we'll both be visible to each other to chat and go through your questions face to face. But if you don't have a camera (or don't want to appear on screen) you can just speak instead.

Do the sessions need to last a full hour?

When you book a single coaching session, you'll be booking the whole hour for my advice, help and input. As a result I'm going to expect to spend that entire hour with you. If we resolve your issues and questions in less time, and you don't wish to use up the remaining time, that's your personal choice. Any such unused time you choose to not use is lost and cannot be saved towards a future call.

For multiple coaching session bookings, these are all booked and scheduled in hour-long time slots. I will expect to devote an hour of dedicated time with you. Should you decide not to use all the time available in each session, any unused time does not roll over for use in the future.

Do I need to do anything before a coaching session?

Yes, you’ll need to prepare in advance the questions or issues you need help with and would like to discuss. You'll then need to send these to me at least 24 hours before your booked time slot so that I can prepare and do any necessary research to fully support you. Your advice session(s) can be run on an ad hoc question basis but you will get more value out of each session if you send me your key issues or questions in advance.

Is the Coaching provided based on new and untried ideas or based on proven methods?

All the coaching you will be given is based on long established marketing communications best practices from the real business world – not some out of touch text book or trendy ‘business’ book. The coaching will be specific to your personal situation and where possible will be backed up with case studies and examples to showcase the solutions shared.

Will the Coaching teach me the best Facebook Strategies and how to make me an ‘Insta influencer’?

No - The Coaching will focus on providing advice and practical solutions around the content ideas, creation and publishing process essential to building and keeping an audience eager to hear from your business.

It won’t advise on how to use a specific content distribution platform such as Instagram, Tik Tock, Facebook or Pinterest.

Will the coaching be specific to my business?

Yes - all the coaching and advice given will be 100% specific to your own business/website.

All coaching will be given with the aim to help you get through any issues, obstacles or questions you're facing.

Does the Coaching include 'done for you' help?

No. The coaching will help you resolve questions, issues and obstacles you're having in your online content creation journey. The sessions won't be an opportunity to expect me to write your copy, create posts for you or build/edit your sales page or website. The coaching CAN provide you with suggested tools and methods to use.

The coaching will provide solutions, suggestions and ways forward as well as the confidence to come up with your own content ideas and plans suited to your business and how you want to ‘speak’ to your target audience. To borrow from a famous quote - I can give you the tools and processes to follow but it's up to you to do the work finishing bringing these to life.